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The world of marketing has grown leaps and bounds today from where it was just a decade ago. Thanks to the birth of social media, marketing has become easier than ever — and with the existence of digital marketing as the great equalizer, every business now has a level playing field and equal opportunity to be discovered. All they need to do is be smart about how and where to market their products.

Among the businesses that thrive from digital marketing, the food and beverage (F&B) business are one of which that benefits the most. Since F&B is a visual business online, a big chunk of a successful F&B marketing plan relies on content and design. Let’s take a look at how you can make your marketing plan an effective one for your business:

1. Take great photos!

If you haven’t already noticed, half of a food product’s marketing legwork is done by its captivating, drool-worthy images. Almost nobody would care to read for more information if the images used are not attention-grabbing. Food pictures look more tantalizing with warmer, orange-toned lighting (research shows that orange-coloured things make you hungry!) and it also helps to take pictures that are high-resolution and crisp.

Having said that, in the long run, it pays to invest in a good quality camera and perhaps even take a food photography course to further sharpen your skill for the trade.

2. Post regular updates

If you have a website for your business, posting regular updates on your blog is a surefire way to get better hits on the search engine and garner more following. Your posts don’t have to be written as obvious sales pitches, but you can always create relevant content that is currently in trend and (stealthily) give your product a cameo appearance in them. For instance, if you sell poke bowls and it’s currently the season for beach vacations, you can create a blog post about sticking to a bikini body meal plan using your very own poke bowl menu!

Remember to always keep up to date with the current happenings. You can even create quirky posts that are inspired by the trending memes or news highlights.

3. Deliver far and wide

Distribution-wise, that is. Instead of just serving your customers at your own premises, which may have limited dine-in capacity, you should opt to also utilize food delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Food. As customers nowadays are placing more emphasis on convenience, hopping on the food delivery bandwagon is more likely going to help to spread the word around on your establishment.

Sometimes, the reason your food products remain undiscovered is not because of its quality, but more due to the location. Offering food delivery options allow your products to reach out to customers living further beyond the area of your premise — some of whom may not even get the chance to stumble upon your business if it has not been for food delivery services.

4. Promote reviews and user-generated content

Like with any product, reviews are an important part of marketing, especially for new products that have yet to gain public trust and recognition. To encourage your customers to write reviews on TripAdvisor, Google My Business, and on your Facebook page, you can give a special offer such as a discount on their next spending or even a simple freebie (bookmark, pen, recyclable bag, etc.) with your logo printed on it, which also works well as a mini ambassador for your business.

You can also approach social media influencers and get them to do a review of your business. Try getting a mix of macro and micro-influencers who are more likely to hit your target audience more evenly.

5. Print eye-catching X-banners and roll-ups

Just because digital marketing is trending today doesn’t mean that you should do away with traditional marketing Far from it! In fact, effective marketing still requires an amalgamation of digital and traditional approaches. Perhaps, you no longer have to print hundreds of fliers to distribute (you can send e-fliers instead!), but still, need to have an eye-catching and easily noticeable banner in front of your premise that draws attention to its whereabouts.

Invest in good-quality banners that you can use for a year or more and not need updating. A banner only serves to draw attention to your business and be your business calling card to potential customers. Other seasonal or frequently-changing information, such as menu changes and offers can be updated on your website or your social media accounts.


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