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Now that you have some ideas on how to increase your search rankings by backlinking, here’s part 2 of how to improve your Google rankings via link-building:


6. Reclaim Your Links

Link reclamation is the easiest way to earn editorial links to your pages from referring sites that mentioned your brand but didn’t link to you.

Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


Regardless of what marketing you do — B2B or B2C — here are three sources of links you need to reclaim:

i).  Brand mentions: This means aspects of your brand such as your site, events, courses, etc. Other sites could be mentioning your site, without linking to it. Brand mentions are the future of link building. Through link reclamation, you can request actual links be added to mentions that already exist.

ii).   Product mentions: Several sites, media portals and discussion boards could be mentioning your product without linking to your sales page or homepage. You don’t need link building software for this. You can use the Rank Tank’s brand unlinked mentions finder tool to find these product mentions across the web.

iii).   Personnel mentions: What about your team, your name, your nickname or your professional title?

All of these provide another opportunity to reclaim unlinked personal mentions and boost your search rankings based on your company or you being the search term. You want people to view your site with the authority to use you as the social bookmark.


7. Ultimate Guide to Link Building

Links connect the web together. Links exist because there are web pages and portals that need to share information with users, rank relevant content, push the drivel aside and prevent plagiarism or duplicate content where possible. That is the job of search engines and every SEO tool must play in their realm.

Who links to your site and how they link to it are more important to Google than virtually any other Google ranking factor. Data from Searchmetrics suggests that the number of backlinks is the third most important factor in the UK Google ranking factors.

Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


In his book, Ultimate Guide To Link Building, Eric Ward shows you:

●   How to build links
●   How to gain authority and credibility for your website
●   How to increase your traffic and rankings


Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


Ward teaches with a deep understanding of link profiles, what makes them good and how to maximize the quality of links that point to your site. Understanding this means you won’t need expensive link building software but you may still take advantage of tools to make you more efficient.

Ward uses illustrated case studies, expert interviews and helpful resources in this book to drive his message home. You’ll find that getting backlinks can actually be fun, once you master the art of networking with bloggers.


8. Link Building for Startups – Find Unlinked Brand Mentions at Scale

Getting more links will improve your search performance, increase leads to your business and increase your revenue. If you don’t get links to your site, your search rankings, traffic and leads will suffer. Your startup will fail.

According to Club Z, about 80% of startups fail to see projected return on investment, frequently due to a lack of planning and experience.


Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


Before you can drive targeted visitors from Google and benefit from your site, you need to build quality links to your pages. Guest blogging is a viable and free way to do just that. As you contribute to industry blogs, you can speed up your rate of getting links by simultaneously reclaiming your brand mentions.

For example, someone could cite your domain name (e.g., dodocase.com) without linking to it. Before someone can visit that site, they’d have to copy and paste it into their browser or look for it via a search engine. But if the domain name was hyperlinked, when someone clicks on it, they’ll visit the startup site.

If you’ve been consistently creating fresh and useful content and promoting your site through social media, there’s no doubt that other sites are mentioning your brand name. Don’t let these mentions be a waste; reclaim them and be your own best search term. And that’s exactly what you can learn from “Link Building for Startups – Find Unlinked Brand Mentions at Scale.”


9. How to Get Links on Resources Pages

One of the most effective methods for getting links is through resources pages. With this tactic, Startup Company Lawyer got a link on the resources page of Johnson Cornell University.


Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2


Nonetheless, although contextual links are desirable and powerful, you still need to diversify anchor text.  If all your links appear within the content, this may not seem natural.

Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2

However, there’s no single one-size-fits-all approach to link diversity ratios. Depending on the domain authority and page authority of referring pages and their IP diversities, Google can use these factors to gauge and pass value to your links.

Different niches require different approaches to getting links. For example, building links to a niche site (e.g., a site focused on a specific topic or product) is a delicate process, because you’ve got to be mindful of the linking site — making sure they’re relevant even if they’re not too popular. But for an authority site, it doesn’t matter where you get your links from. It could be from an entirely unrelated web page but provided your site has some authority, Google will likely not view this as spammy.

How to Get Links on Resources Pages” is a helpful guide that gives you vital information on how to get the right links by capitalizing on resource pages — pages with plenty of linked-to resources (e.g., blogs, books, papers, resource works, images).


Link Building Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings Part 2




At the heart of every link building campaign is outreach. Whether you’re involved in guest blogging, broken link building, social media networking or blog sponsorship, you need to connect with people.

Get personal. Your target audience wants to connect with you on a personal level. They should want to make you a social bookmark. That’s the quickest way you can build a loyal audience, get referral traffic, improve your search traffic, increase your email subscribers and grow your sales.


Source: Neilpatel.com Blog



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