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Get Your First Sale of Your Online Store

Get Your First Sale of Your Online Store

Last week we discussed driving traffic to your online store and the steps you can take to measure some noticeable results. Sure enough, it’s the first step of success if you drive tons of traffic to your online store, but what about having actual sales? We are all guilty as “window shoppers” for just browsing the internet and just looking at things, adding them to our cart but just never got to the checkout page. Even if you did get to that page, somehow, some part of you just decided to close the browser and at the back of your mind, you’re thinking “Maybe I’ll check out later. I don’t need it yet.” So, how do we turn this mindset around and actually raking in sales to your new online store?


Free Traffic Source

Personal network

This is one of the easiest and the first thing you should explore into as it is free as well. Basically, this method is just sharing your online store with your network and any social communities. Remember last week’s article, we mentioned that you can start driving traffic to your new online store by introducing them to your friends and family? Do the same for this too. This time, offer them a discount code or a gift card to get them started. Who doesn’t like a free voucher, right? 

Just take me for an example, literally just hours ago I was convincing a friend to buy a manicure package on the Fave app with me. I have a referral code which will give my friend a discount, and at the same time, giving me a cash credit for referring a new user to the app. With this method, it gets people to want to help promote your online store and convincing their friends and family to purchase something, because it’s a win-win situation for both parties. So think about how your friends and family would convince their friends and family to purchase something from your online store, it is a good start!


Online Communities

You can spread the word of mouth of your new online store by simply joining online communities or online groups. Conduct a research on what groups match your business interest and start joining and be an active member of the community.

Facebook Groups, LinkedIn and Reddit are amongst the most popular online community with an immense amount of active members with a niche and specific interest. Once you’ve become an engaged and productive member, you can start sharing your online store to the group. But don’t just share it indifferently, throw in a discount code or a gift voucher to the group. This will get them to kickstart and visit your online store to look for something to buy. 


“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” – Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury)


Don’t forget to interject the referral rewards program to get them excited to refer to their friends as well. Not only by joining these groups you’d be able to make new connections and expand your networks, but you can also share and gain knowledge from the other members of the group as well. Share experiences and build a reputation with other entrepreneurs while supporting each other.


Paid Advertising

Facebook Advertising

We cannot emphasize any further how social media is the new marketing strategy for this era. Honestly speaking, digital advertising is a lot cheaper than any traditional advertising. And what better platform to advertise than the ever so popular Facebook itself?

Facebook has the most diverse user on their platform, with from age, gender, location, and even interest. The latter comes in handy and the most useful to your business when it comes to advertising. 


“Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.” – Matt Goulart


If you have a clear view of who your customers are and what they like, Facebook is the platform for you to invest in your advertising. You can easily target the demographics that suits your business and those who will most likely buy your products. For example- Your business is mainly selling pet food and supplies, you can easily set your target audience to animal lovers or pet owners. 


Instagram Advertising

Another one of the most popular social media platform to exist, Instagram is a great platform to advertise your new business. More and more people are using Instagram more than Facebook because it is more personal and easier to scroll and browse. 

Instagram users are more engaged and if you are looking to target the millennial audience, this is it. You don’t necessarily have to pay for advertising as you can start by using relevant and popular hashtags. Instagram is all about the hashtags, which kind of represent the community. If you search for the hashtag #animals there are 48.2million posts with that hashtag. If you add that hashtag to your post, it will appear on that pool of pictures with the same hashtag as well.

If you are willing to spend a little money on advertising on Instagram, you will definitely get a better outcome and result. If you have great visuals to post, it’s even better! Instagram is all about attractive visuals and interesting content. Audience scroll and scroll and if something interesting pops up, then pause to check it out. This is when your paid ad makes its impression. 

On the bottom of your visual, there’s a bar where you can direct the audience to your page or online store simply by just clicking on it. This is when you get traffic and potential sales from these audiences.


Google Ads

We have reiterated this so much that Google Ads is a no longer a stranger to us when it comes to building a reputation and raking in sales to your online business. What do you do when you want to buy something online without knowing certainly which website can offer that? You open up your browser and you Google it, right?

With Google Ads in action, it enables your online store to be shown at the top of the page when someone Googles for something related to your business, with, of course, relevant keyword or terms. 

Google Ads gives you faster results and it is recommended if your business is catered to the local demographic and if your products are trending with high search volume. Shopping Ads can also show photos of your product and displaying the prices as well. Also, you only pay for when people click into your ads and visit your website.

If you find Google Ads a little complicated and don’t know how to start, don’t worry! Leave it to us, the experts and watch your online store gain its first sales in no time.

It is a challenge to get the first sale profit to rake in, however, with these methods shared to advertise your online store, you will be seeing results in no time. If you are not sure on how to start, reach out to us and we’ll gladly help!


Visit our website at www.weave.asia and call us at 0169555200. 

How important are title tags and meta description? Get started on writing them now.

How important are title tags and meta description? Get started on writing them now.

If title tag and meta description sound very foreign to you and you have no clue what it is, we are here to enlighten you and get you digitally smarter.

To begin, open your web browser and just search for anything you can think of and look at the results page. You will see the search results and you will notice that there are headers and a little short sentences at the bottom of the header. The header is the title tag whilst the short sentences are the meta description.

A title tag is the title of a web page that is displayed on your search results pages and it is what you would click to get into a web page, too. A meta description is a 50 to 300 character snippet of the web page’s content. Also, a title tag and meta description will appear when an article from your webpage is shared across social channels.

You might be thinking, why do I need a title tag and meta description and is it that important? 


Your website is the window of your business.

Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.

– Jay Conrad Lenvinson


First of all, repeat the steps of searching for something or anything on your search engine. When the results page pulls up, observe yourself deciding on which website you pick to open out of the dozens of websites that show up on your search results. What made you decide to pick that particular website? Is it because of the title of the website? The description of the website perhaps?

See, that is how important a title tag and meta description is for your website. A meta description for your website is to draw the attention of someone searching on Google (like yourself earlier) to click your website. Although it is claimed that meta description is in not any way used as a ranking method, there is a benefit to it too. The more clicks on your website from the results, Google’s CTR (click-through-rate) will be influenced hence affecting and optimizing your position on the results. 

That being said, your title tag and meta description need to be enticing and persuasive enough to make people click on your link instead of the others. 

Things to keep in mind when writing a good title tag:

The title must be closely relevant to the content of your website or specific page – If your website sells a specific niche product or service, make sure you put important and relevant keywords in your title. Do not include keywords that are not at all relevant to your product and services.

Don’t be too lengthy- Try to keep the title under 60 characters so that it fits into the 512-pixel display. You don’t want your title to get cut off!

Insert important keywords first- Put the product name first instead of the end of the title. Also, throw in your brand name in your title tag to help boost click-through rates.

Keep it natural yet compelling- Think like the customer and insert content that will entice customers to click your link. Make it positive and accurate to your service and brand as it is the very first interaction between your business and your potential customers.

Moving on to the next important part- meta description. How do you compress a content into a short description while making it look interesting and click-worthy?

Points to remember to writing good meta descriptions:

Watch for length- Keep the meta descriptions between 130 and 160 characters long. You can have them longer, of course, however, Google will cut it off at the end of the sentences. If you need the snippet to be longer than 160 characters, make sure you put the important keywords at the front of the description.

Keywords- We cannot emphasize more on how important keywords are to your website. Relevancy is the key to writing your meta description. Search engines will bold your relevant keyword in your snippet of description. For example, if you own a restaurant that sells sandwiches, you want to try using keywords like “best cheap sandwiches in town”.

Include a call-to-action- If you have a new product or a limited promotion, include words like Find out more, Learn more, Try for free, Get it now, and other phrases that will induce the attraction of your potential customers. This creates a very natural and inviting tone to your website.

Avoid duplication- Every page on your website should be of different content, so why must your content be repetitive? Every landing page should have its own unique title and description, distinguishing them apart from getting duplicated. Make sure every page has its own unique and distinct description.


A journey of a thousand sites begins with a

single click.


We’ve covered most of the basic points you need to know about title tags and meta descriptions. Remember, you won’t always get them right the first time. Also, it does not necessarily affect your website ranking on search engine results, however, as mentioned earlier, it does help with the click-through rate (CTR). Keep in mind, a high click-through rate but a low average time on page is redundant as well. You don’t want your website to be a click bait. The goal is to entice people to click on your interesting tag title and keep their interest going with an interesting content.

In conclusion, title tags and meta descriptions are the first impressions of your website. It is vital to think through your website’s title tags and meta description now. Are they interesting enough? Are the keywords relevant? Go on and experiment with the keywords and analyze your results!

How to grow instagram followers

How to grow instagram followers

How to grow your Instagram followers the “organic way”

Social media plays a great part in growing your brand digitally, especially if you are new and taking baby steps in promoting your brand.

Of course, almost every brand has a Facebook page, but what about an Instagram account?

According to Instagram, 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. And there are over 500 million Instagram accounts that are active on a daily basis. Imagine how many users your brand can reach out to via this social media platform?

So how do you reach out to these users via your Instagram account?

Here are a few things to observe:

Your content

Make sure your content on your Instagram is consistent, or tells a story or your brand. There are a few way you can make your content work. Because Instagram is a photo-based social media platform, what your followers first see when they visit your Instagram account are the photos on your account. So be sure that your Instagram page is aesthetically attractive and interesting.

Say you’re running a travel agency, and you want to gain more followers on your Instagram. Your Instagram account should be filled with pictures of breathtaking images of to attract these wanderlust followers.

If your brand is selling designer goods, bombard the page with all the pretty designer clothes and bags and shoes.

Make your content as relatable to your brand as possible, you catch the drift.



Source: Instagram @oreo


Make your feed aesthetic 

Once you have your content ready, it’s time to prosecute them in the best way you can.

Creating content may be easy, but making the content look beautiful and aesthetic as a whole is a challenge.

You can start by going with a theme

If your brand has a primary color, make use of it as your primary colors in your theme. A few common colors that are bound to attract the eyes are red, yellow and blue.

Bear in mind; different themes attract different followers. Hence, a black and white feed will attract followers who are into artistic and dark mood themes.

If you’re planning on using filters on your pictures, make sure your filters are always consistent.

This will create an automatic theme for your brand and followers like consistency and uniformity in a feed.

A theme can easily attract the attention of a user if it’s so aesthetically presented that the user will not hesitate to hit the “Follow” button.

So before you start posting your content, make sure you plan your theme colors, filters and also mood before you start.


Strong hashtag game

10 years ago when you see #, you call it the “pound button” on your phone dial screen. Show this symbol to the kids now and they’ll laugh at you for calling it the “pound button”.

The hashtag was introduced and used back in August 2007 by Chris Messina, a techie from San Francisco and a former Google developer, on Twitter.

Read about the “origins of hashtag” here.

Now hashtag is so heavily used in all social media platforms.

Why is a hashtag so important?

A hashtag is used by social media users to search for a specific event or topic or category in the social media world. 

The importance of including hashtags is significant as it brings your post out to the public and everyone searching for that specific hashtag will see your post. The likeliness of them clicking into your picture is higher if they found your picture attractive and interesting, which also leads to them clicking into your Instagram account.

Here are some hashtags that you can use, categorized according to the relevance of your Instagram posts.

You can go up to 30 hashtags per post to maximize the capability of the hashtag game, however, is 30 hashtags per post necessary? Some will say that it will bring down the credibility of your post, or even, making you look spammy and amateur. Instead, use about 5-11 hashtags per post, and make sure they’re relevant and match your brand and pictures.

However, you should create your own brand hashtag so that it is specifically for your brand. 

Your brand hashtag does not necessarily be just a one-word hashtag. Play around and create a phrase of your own!


Promote your Instagram on other platforms

If you already have a bunch of followers on your Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platforms, you can post a shoutout there and ask your followers to follow you on your Instagram account too.

Add your Instagram handle on your profiles and even on email signatures. 

If you already have a website, add a widget to your website with your Instagram live feed and a clear “Follow” button for the ease of your new followers.


Get boosted help from KOL or influencers

Key opinion leaders aka KOL and social media influencers are the experts in product knowledge and has influence in the social media world. These influencers usually have a big scale of followers who they can sell a product to and easily get their attention. 

Collaborate with influencers especially if your brand is new and needs to get some attention.

KOLs and influencers can be a vast of variety, ranging from superstar celebrities or just someone with a lot of followers on their Instagram.


Example of Instagram Post

Source: @krisjenner


Example of Instagram Post

Source: @whatforbreakfast


Example of Instagram Post

Source: @sassyredlipstick


When working with KOLs, not all have the same style or price package. You can engage with a local influencer with not as much followers who will contribute a post on their Instagram for free, given that you send them your brand products for them to review. Some might charge you a hefty amount but will be able to provide higher ROI to your brand. It all comes down to your budget and whichever you are comfortable with.

Just make sure you discuss with the influencers on what you are expecting from their posts and what is the target you’re trying to achieve, and they will be able to give you some ideas and feedback.


There are plenty of ways to boost your organic followers. So here’s the breakdown of what we’ve learned:

  • Interesting content
  • Consistent visuals/filters
  • Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags (but not too many)
  • Get promoted by KOL and influencers


It takes time to build a massive amount of followers, so just be patient and start off by inviting your friends and family to start following your page, and get them to invite their friends.

How to drive traffic to your online store

How to drive traffic to your online store

How to drive traffic to your online store?


After all your hard work of planning and putting everything together, you finally have your e-commerce online store ready to launch. You can’t wait to launch your online store for the public to start buying your products or services. But wait, you only get to launch your website once and you want it to be effective and take the opportunity to draw as much traffic and awareness as possible.

So what can you do and how do you start to get as much traffic as you can? 

Here are some steps you can follow:


1. Start with somewhere close to your heart.

That’s right. Get your friends and family to help share your new business. If they can constantly share pictures of their babies, cats, dogs, funny videos on Facebook, why not get them to help share your new online store? 

It is quite a novelty and something to take pride in for successfully starting your own business, so why not share it with your friends and family. They are surely proud to help you share it with their friends and family as well. 

Do you have a family group chat? Or a social media group that all your extended family members are in there as well? Or perhaps you have an occasional family gathering or social event that will bring everyone together. Take the opportunity to share with them your updates and let them know about your new online store. 

Now, your product or service may not appeal to most of them, so don’t focus on selling your product to them. Make your announcement sound genuine and that you are passionate about what you are doing. Instead, ask them to help spread the word of your new business and you can also offer them samples of your products. This is what family and friends do, after all.

These are the people who will drive attention and interest to your online store because their friends and family would notice that this time, instead of sharing a photo of their baby or their lunch, they are sharing something different and interesting. This will spark a curiosity in their friends and family who follows them on social media platforms.


2. Referral Rewards Program

Who doesn’t like a little reward for doing something nice and great? We all do! Start a referral program that will give your customers something in return for referring their friends and family to join. A lot of businesses are doing the referral program to gain fast popularity towards their brand. Why will this work? Everyone loves a discount or a gift, so when you offer them something in return for successfully inviting their friends and family to the program, they are more likely to convince more and more people. It’s like having a non-official salesperson helping you promote your brand, and in this case, plenty of them. In return, give them discounts, free gifts or a cash credit to purchase from your online store on their next purchase.


3. Invest in SEM/Google AdWords

The fastest and commonly practiced way to drive traffic to your website is to invest in Search Engine Marketing. Don’t be taken aback when you hear the word “invest” and “marketing”. We know it might sound like it’s a higher budget marketing technique, but in actual fact, it’s not as expensive as you think it is. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising method that will entice people to your website and online store. You only pay for your ad when someone clicks on it, or take any action on that ad. We have talked about this topic “Why you should invest in digital advertising” in last week’s article and you can read all about it. 


4. Social Media Marketing

Ever just scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram timeline and suddenly you see an ad popping up? These posts usually have the word “sponsored” on them and that’s how social media marketing works. To start off, you need to create quality content to market and put up on social media platforms. On Facebook, when you post a picture or video or just a link, you can click on the “Boost Post” button and set your own budget. Social Media Marketing is the easiest and fastest way to get attention to your business. 


5. Reach Out To Bloggers/Social Media Influencers 

It’s even better when someone is able to provide reviews on your product or services! Bloggers or social media influencers who have a significant number of readers or followers will generate more popularity for your brand. Do a little research on popular bloggers or influencers that have a focus on their topics. If you are selling makeup or skincare, you would want to look for influencers or bloggers who are beauty gurus. Or if your business sells nutritional items like supplements and vitamins, look for fitness enthusiasts to help with your brand. 

These are the people who will be able to convince their followers into buying products they promote on their social media. Bloggers and social media influencers reviewing your product or service will be able to spark the curiosity of their audience and interest, which will then get them searching and clicking on your website. 

Previously, on our past articles, we have mentioned 5 ways bloggers are can help to grow your business. It is proven that engaging with bloggers or influencers will be able to rake in some popularity to your new business.


Conclusion: You only get to launch your new online store once. Make it worthwhile and effective by driving as much traffic as you can. This traffic will subsequently turn into conversion, which will bring profit to your business. It is harmless to invest in digital marketing. Think about it, you are launching and setting up an online business, what other methods would hand in hand with it if it isn’t digital marketing. Need help to start somewhere? Contact us today for a consultation and we are more than happy to help you.


For more information, email us at hello@weave.asia or give us a call at +60 088-718 418 on weekdays during office hours.

How to get returning customers

How to get returning customers

Remember when we shared tips on getting your first sale on your online store? Getting the first sale was hard but you might not notice this but getting your customer to repeat their purchase could be even harder. But you should not have to worry because Weave Asia is going to share with your some tips on reaching out to your customers.

A lot of customers turn out to be one-time customers who do not return to your online store after their first purchase. Do not be disappointed because the customers who had made a purchase on your products has shown that they have an interest in your brand or product. If your product or service turned out to be satisfactory and promising, they are sure to come back to make another purchase.

While their interest is still fresh and lingering, you may start planning your steps. What are the ways you can try to stay in touch with your customer?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing is one of the many ways you can keep your brand relevant to your customers. Spending a little bit on retargeting ads will allow you to show ads on different platforms to those who have visited your online store before. The fun part of this is, you can choose how to retarget and whom to retarget these at- people who had added items to their cart but never proceeded to checkout or people who actually have completed a purchase.

Start by running a few ads that will engage your customers even after a purchase- have them subscribe to your newsletter. Make it as interesting and tempting as you can to get them to opt-in to your newsletter. Throw in some interesting items that they might be interested in and maybe reward them with a voucher for signing up.

Once you have them signed up for your newsletter, you can easily reach out to them and best of all, it will be free. It is essential to keep your customers happy although they are not much of a big spender or repeating customers. With them signing up to your newsletter, you can add in a little customer service touch into your emails that you send out.

Send them a birthday gift ahead of their birthday. This way, they feel like they are appreciated and empowered, which will make them want to spend money in your online store with the birthday gift that you gave out. Also, ask them for feedback by sending out simple surveys that they can answer easily. That way, they would engage in your newsletter and feel like their feedback is heard. It is very important to build a relationship with your customers, especially gaining their consumer trust.

Whilst you may be sending a lot of emails, you need to check if the content of your email is worthy. Your customers may open your emails but what are the chances of them actually going through the whole email and reading it? The subject of your email also plays the most important role as it is the first impression of your email that determines whether the email will be opened.

Another point that may not have come across your mind is your product packaging. Is your logo simple but enough to leave a lasting impression on your customers? Companies like Amazon.com, Sephora, and Zalora can easily be identified through their boxes or packaging when the courier service people are waiting at the door to deliver your items to you. When the packaging box is just sitting at your kitchen table, anyone who walks past will know what company that is. This actually low-key and subtly create more new sales opportunities for your brand, or another subtle reminder to the customer to finally click on the “Confirm” button on the checkout page.

Another important thing to look out for is whether your online store is simplified and user-friendly. No customers like a complicated and non-straight forward website when they are browsing through. In fact, it frustrates them and drives them away. Be sure that your online store is user-friendly and responsive on all devices. A lot of shoppers are shopping while being on mobile so it is vital that your website provides the best experience for them to make a quick purchase.

Back to the retargeting point, it is fundamental that you retarget the right audience, not limited to just everyone who had visited your online store. You want customers who had already shown interest in your products to come back. Hence, create an ad that will draw their attention and engaging enough to encourage them to come back. Look at their past purchase and recommend products that are relevant to their initial purchase. Throw in a special deal for the product to get them attracted. Include a Call To Action to get them to click.

When the customer is converted into a repeating customer, show them your appreciation. Make your top spending customers feel privileged by sending out a personalized email to thank them for the support. You can even slide in an “exclusive” discount as a token of appreciation for them to use on their next purchase. On top of that, offer a loyalty program to returning customers who have reached a certain purchase amount. After reaching a spending of RM500, customers will be in the loyalty program which offers a point system or exclusive discount. This will entice customers to spend more and it also gives them a sense of privilege.

There are many creative ways for you to venture on to get your customers coming back for more. It isn’t an overnight result but requires patience and determination. If you’re thinking of attempting retargeting ads, email us at hello@weave.asia or give us a call at +60 088-718 418 on weekdays during office hours. We are more than delighted to guide you!


How You Should Not Be Spending On Google Ads

How You Should Not Be Spending On Google Ads

If you have started doing digital marketing to get more sales for your online store or service, congratulations, and good job investing in the future world of marketing! However, you might notice that these online marketing strategies sure drive lots of traffic to your website, but they are not exactly giving you lots of sales. Did it make you start pondering if digital marketing is not working? Or if you are doing it wrong? Do you need to spend more money to get more sales and money?

Don’t worry, this is why we are here- to guide you along the way of your journey to successful digital marketing. Although it is true that “you spend more money, you get more in return” in the digital world, that does not mean you are spending money blindly and profitless. The following are tips on how you should not be spending on Google Ads.

Not Using the Right Keywords

Take a look at the keywords you are currently using. Perhaps they are not the best at the moment but definitely can be improved. There are a few types of keyword match that could essentially help with your bidding.

Broad Match – This is the default that Google starts you off which is the most basic and broadest set on keyword terms for you to compete on. For example, if your business is Jacky’s Homemade Granola, and that is also your keyword, you will be bidding on terms like Homemade Granola, Granola, Jacky’s Granola and so forth.

Broad match does not give you the privilege to have your ads appear consistently or relevantly, but it gives you the opportunity to figure out which keywords are worth bidding for as they will convert the most for you.

Phrase Match – This is when the searches include a phrase or close variations of it. It narrows down your search term further and helps identify the most important keywords in the search terms for you to bid. For example, if Jacky’s keyword is “Jacky’s Homemade Granola”, she can bid on search terms like “Jacky’s Homemade Granola in Malaysia”, “Jacky’s Homemade Granola for sale”, or “Jacky’s Homemade Granola flavors” and so forth.

Not Linking Your Ads To Relevant Landing Pages

Assuming you are the consumer and you see an ad stating there is a 50% discount on items from an online store. This catches your attention immediately and without hesitation, you click on the link and hoping it will take you directly to that specific page. What a straightforward and fast experience to purchase something so easily, isn’t it? Now imagine if you click on the link and it lands you on the main homepage itself or even worse, on a non-related page of the website. You will have to click here and there to search for that great deal. Within a few clicks, you still don’t find that specific page you are looking for, you give up and click the X button instead.

Be sure you have dedicated and specific landing pages for promotions and campaigns which will enhance the user’s experience and subsequently bring you more conversion which equals more sales and profit.

“The Best Place to Hide Secrets is at Page Two of Google.”

Not Using Google Shopping Ads For Tangible Products

If your online store sells tangible and physical products, why are you not using Google Shopping Ads? Google Shopping Ads gives you the space to display your product images, prices and definitely being on the most top of the search results.

Shopping online is just like shopping in real life. People want to see it, feel it and try it. In the case of shopping online, you can’t feel the product or item. However, including images of your products give the consumers more latitude to finally decide if they want to click the checkout button. Most people when shopping online would like a 360 degree visual of the item they are looking at, and also, read on reviews before eventually purchasing the item. So, with the advantage of using Google Shopping Ads, you get to display your product images, prices and even your brand name, all this while being at the top of the search results page.

Not Using Ad Extensions

Did you know that you can expand your ad with more information and links, at no additional cost? That’s right! Ad extensions give you more leeway to write more content and information to beat out your competitors and your ads get more space in the search results!

What you can add using ad extensions:

Location – Show off that you not only sell online, but you also have a physical store that your customers can go to. You can even add directions to make it easier for your customers to look for your store.

Call – Are you even real if you cannot be reached via a phone call? Make yourself look legitimate with a phone number where your customers can call you to inquire for more information.

Snippets – Display other services you provide, or other products you sell, or anything else you want to showcase.

Sitelinks – You can add additional links to feature them especially if it’s a promotion and add calls to action for your customers to easily click on them.

These are a few things that you should consider in the future when you are spending on ads. You would be surprised to see the difference it makes when you apply some of these tips to your future ads. After all, you are not likely to spend more neither with these tips, rather, you are enhancing the opportunity of utilizing Google Ads. If you’d like to know more tips, contact us and we will share with you our secrets. Email us at hello@weave.asia or give us a call at +60 088-718 418/+65 9297 9846 on weekdays during office hours.

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