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Your Digital Marketing Guideline for the F&B Industry (Part 2)

Your Digital Marketing Guideline for the F&B Industry (Part 2)

Now that you already know the elementaries on how to get your start marketing your F&B business digitally, let’s take a look at the nitty gritty part of digital marketing, namely strategic advertising. After boosting and promoting your Facebook and blog posts, here are some of the other aspects you should also look into:

6. Run Facebook ads for distributorship

After having run your business for a while, if you are open to offering franchise opportunities, running Facebook ads for distributorship could be a great way to market your products. Not only will you be creating awareness about your brand and products, you will also be getting a lot of offers from prospective partners who are willing to distribute your products or even open a new restaurant under your franchise.

7. Create visual stories on social media and promote them

There is nothing as effective and eye-catching as a visual story on Instagram and Facebook when it comes to digital marketing strategies for the food industry. By using a strategic headline in its stories, you can emphasize the value offered through your services. Although the text part in the stories is very brief, it is very easy to read and understand.

Since Instagram doesn’t support GIFs, Boomerang could be your best alternative, especially if you want to appeal to the millennial and younger generations. If you’d like to upload tutorials and a longer video that needs to be time-lapsed, you can try using the Hyperlapse app to create one. Similarly, since you can link your Instagram and Facebook accounts together, you can schedule your posts to be published in unison.

Here is what you need to do if you want to create an ad to promote your Instagram visual stories:

  • Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account (if you haven’t already done so).
  • Open up the Facebook Ads Manager and click ‘Create an Ad’ under a new campaign.
  • Now select your objective and set your parameters.
  • Give your campaign a name.
  • Define your audience.
  • Now go to ‘Edit Placements’ and select Instagram Stories. Here you have the option to upload a single image or a single video.
  • Once you upload your image or video file, you can click on preview to see if the specs are okay.
  • Select a CTA based on your goal and click on ‘Publish’.

8. Use influencer marketing on social media

Working with food influencers is one of the best strategies of digital marketing for a food business. Instagrammers love to share their photos and document their daily lives. When they see a food influencer doing the same, they will tend to want to follow.

For instance, if you get a food influencer to take a photo of himself sipping a cup of coffee or trying out a dish at your restaurant and upload it to his Instagram account, you will soon have an entire crowd of people wanting to take a picture at the exact same location, having the same food item — or at least, eager to check out the place for themselves.

There are many other ways to use influencer marketing on Instagram and/or Facebook:

  • You can enter into an ambassadorial partnership with several food influencers. You can select the food influencers based on your target demographic and their viewership.
  • Ask the food influencers to write reviews about your product or services.
  • Get the food influencers to interview your founder(s) and publish it on social media.


  • Host an event with food influencers.
  • Have the food influencer create recipes with your product, make a video, and post it on social media.
  • Sponsor a cookbook of a food influencer; featuring your product that they use as an ingredient.
  • Like what’s popular with makeup brands, you may even co-create a product or a range of products with the food influencer.

You can use a combination of any of the above approaches or come up with something totally different to highlight your influencer collaboration on Instagram and/or Facebook. Measure your results and find out what works best.

9. Promote festive/seasonal offers via Facebook ads

Many brands in the food industry pull out special festival offers and seasonal deals to promote their products. Sharing coupons through Facebook offer claim ads is one of the best ways of promoting your products to your target audience.

Offering discounts and coupons isn’t the only way to get your audience to buy your products during festive seasons. You can also provide them with helpful holiday advice on special blog post and social media postings related to the festivities that will help many people add a personal touch to their holidays:

10. Promote product & customer review videos via Facebook and Google Ads

Everyone loves a good (honest and unpaid) review. By publishing content in the form of product videos and customer review videos you can make things very interesting and engaging for your target audience. Consider these facts:

  • 83% of businesses feel that video marketing boosts their ROI.
  • You can increase your conversions by 80% by adding a product video or a customer review video on your landing page.
  • 57% consumers feel that video improves their confidence levels when making online purchases.
  • Having a video embedded on your website makes you 53x more likely to show up on Google.

On top of that, you can even promote your video ads using Google Ads . However, you need to sign up for a Google Ads account to start with and then link it to your YouTube channel. Once you do that, you can follow these steps to create an ad:

  • Open the Ads Account Manager and select Campaigns on the left-hand column.
  • Now select ‘New Campaign’ by clicking on the ‘+’ sign icon inside the blue circle.
  • Select Video option in the campaign type screen.
  • Choose a goal for your campaign, which is optional.
  • Set your budget and add a campaign name
  • Uncheck the box that you see next to Video Partners on Display Network. This will make sure your ads will not appear on websites that seem irrelevant.
  • Narrow your audience by changing the language, location and device settings.
  • You can also limit the number of times an individual may see your ad through frequency capping.

If you want to give an extra boost to your video, you should also consider creating a Facebook video ad. Videos that add value get a lot of natural shares on Facebook. Here is how you can boost your video through a Facebook ad:

  • On the Facebook Ads Manager, set your marketing objective as “Video Views”.
  • Select the settings for your audience, budget, and ad placements.
  • Upload or Select your video.
  • Create the ad copy.
  • Add a CTA.

If there is an existing video that you want to boost, all you need to do is click on the “Boost Post” button that you see on your video post.

11. Create an infographic for your food product/services

Research has it that all you get is a maximum of 8 seconds to create a meaningful impact on today’s impatient audience. Within that time you need to catch their eye, convey the message that you want to say, and lure them to take the desired action. One great way to do this is with an infographic, which is a combination of content, data and graphic design.

Infographics have the power to convert even a dry piece of information into a captivating visual. It makes information easy to understand and lets you convey your message in a concise yet clear manner. What’s more – infographics are immensely shareable on social media.

12. Create a press release of your new product launch

Even with information going digital and somewhat informal, a press release is still one of the best ways to get others to talk about your new product launch, latest achievements or any new developments in your company in an informed manner. They can help you get premium distribution through high-authority websites and legit media channels. This is an inexpensive way of creating awareness about your business in a genuine way.

Apart from establishing credibility for your food business, a press release can also help you create a positive impact not just on your target audience but also on the food industry in general. You can optimize your press release by including keywords in it. Press releases are a natural way of building backlinks from external sources that are high-authority sites. 

By increasing your referral traffic, this will also make sure you get some real users checking out your website.

New Update on Instagram: Reels, Shop and Guide Features

New Update on Instagram: Reels, Shop and Guide Features

Instagram is constantly reinventing itself over the past few years. If you haven’t yet noticed, the app has added a few more features this November, with more probably rolling in towards the beginning of next year.

New Reels and Shop tabs replacing camera and activity on home screen.


A redesign of Instagram’s homescreen now adds a Reels and Shop tab to the bottom menu, replacing the camera and activity shortcuts for all users. Access to these options has moved to the top of the homescreen, beside the Instagram Direct icon. The overhaul comes after Instagram tested various redesigns with select users.

The Reels tab replicates a TikTok-like experience, automatically opening on a video posted by any public account. The update reflects Instagram’s bid to offer creators more exposure and push the short-form video format.

According to Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, “this year we’ve seen an explosion in short, entertaining videos. We’ve also seen more people buying online and looking to creators for shopping recommendations.⁣”

New ‘Guides’ Features


Earlier this year, Instagram launched a new feature called ‘Guides’, which allowed creators to share tips, resources and other longer-form content in a dedicated tab on their user profiles. Initially, Instagram limited Guides to a select group of creators who were publishing content focused on mental health and well-being. Today, the company says it’s making the format available to all users, and expanding Guides to include other types of content, as well — including Products, Places and Posts.

This ‘Guides’ format was designed to give Instagram creators and marketers a way to share long-form content on a social network that had been, until now, focused more on media — like photos and videos. By comparison, an Instagram Guide could look more like a blog post, as it could include text accompanied by photos, galleries and videos to illustrate the subject matter being discussed.
The feature could help increase users’ time in the app, since users wouldn’t have to click through to external websites and blogs to access these posts, for instance, through a link in the creator’s bio or through a link added to one of the creator’s Stories.

With the expansion to Products, Places and Posts, Instagram’s Guides can now cover more areas. Instagram says it made the feature easier to use, too. It may also feature Product Guides inside its new shopping destination on the platform, Instagram Shop, the company noted.

Visitors to Guides can share the Guides across their own Stories and in Direct Messages, expanding their reach even further.

Your Digital Marketing Guideline for the F&B Industry (Part 1)

Your Digital Marketing Guideline for the F&B Industry (Part 1)

When it comes to digital marketing, the food and beverage (F&B) industry is one of the best industries to be marketed digitally — thanks to its nature of having to be visually appealing in order to attract customers. All you need are beautiful photos with great lighting, posted at key times (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with descriptive accompanying text and you’re good to go!

If you’re not quite sure how to utilize digital marketing effectively to promote your F&B business, here are some steps for you to begin (this post will be broken into two parts as it’s quite a lengthy topic to cover):

Create a blog for your business

Blogging is a great way to shed some light on and online visibility of your business. Adding a blog page to your website and posting regularly is the best way to make sure that your business shows up on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and, hence, bringing traffic to your website.

Having a blog is also a great way to introduce potential new customers to your business. Besides that, a blog will also help you create a following among strangers and convert them into customers. This is why as a business owner, you should focus on creating top-of-funnel (ToFu) content.

An example for a ToFu content is such as, when you are selling a soy-based flour to bake cookies, instead of listing down all the nutritional benefits contained in the flour; you could instead create a fun content (a short time-lapse tutorial etc.) of how to make delicious brownies using the flour. By doing this, you will be bringing attention to your product without obviously looking like you’re trying to sell it.

Share your post on Facebook and drive paid traffic to your blog

You’ve probably already learned how to boost your posts on Facebook. But did you know that you can also run ads to promote your blog posts?

Just like when you boost your Facebook posts, you may have to spend some money on advertising, but it is definitely worth it — considering the kind of audience you’re able to reach, the amount of buzz you can build for your next product launch, the leads you can generate, and the number of people you can move through your sales funnel.

Here’s how you can create a Facebook Ad to promote your blog post:

  • Log on to your Facebook Page and open up the Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Now click on “Create Ad”.
  • You should see different ad campaign goals. Although you may want to ultimately convert your visitors into your customers, your goal here should be to drive traffic to your website. So choose “Traffic”.
  • Give a name to your campaign and proceed towards setting your budget and targeting options.
  • Choose a small daily budget to start with (you can increase the budget later on depending upon the performance of your ad).
  • Set your targeting options depending upon whom you want to target your food product to.
  • Write your ad copy, and remember to focus on giving prospects a reason to read your blog post.
  • Select a featured image that relates to your blog post and captures your audience’s attention instantly.
  • Write a catchy headline.
  • Include a Call-To-Action (CTA) to make sure your target readers click to read your blog post.

Work with food KOLs to promote your products

One of the most successful techniques of digital marketing is for F&B business owners to get in touch with food bloggers/influencers — otherwise known as Key Opinion Leaders, KOL — and get them to promote your business and food products.

Depending on your target audience, there are a number of food KOLs who have already established a steady following of the demographics that you want to target. These KOLs also know what it takes to get to the top of the SERPs. A few kind posts from them about your product on the right blog can do wonders for your business.

Here are a few tips you can use to start working with influencers:

  • Check out the social media channels and blogs of a bunch of food KOLs and choose a few that seem relevant to your product. Make sure the readers of those blogs are the audience that you are trying to target. Select the bloggers/influencers who do reviews.
  • Start by writing a personalized email to the KOL. Take time to introduce yourself.
  • Be helpful and respectful to the KOL and offer some publicity.
  • Be unique in your approach and see what you can do to get the KOL’s attention.
  • Don’t forget to ask for a quotation for their promotional service before engaging the KOL to promote your product.

Host an event and promote it on Facebook

The best way to build your social presence, boost your traffic and gain high-quality leads for your food business is by hosting an event and promoting it on Facebook. This is especially true for new businesses, however, it is also applicable for seasoned F&B businesses looking to rebrand or ‘refresh’ the public’s awareness of their presence.

Make your Facebook Ad as visual as possible by:

  • Making sure the content of your ad matches the expectations of the people who click on them.
  • Including a discount, offer or enticing value proposition that will make people want to click on the ad.
  • Using a clear and catchy Call-To-Action.

Organize a Facebook or Instagram contest

One of the most popular ways to increase your likes, shares, interest and overall participation on Facebook or Instagram is by running a contest. This is a great digital marketing strategy for the food industry.

A suggestion for a fun Facebook/Instagram contest that will keep your customers engaged is to ask them to take pictures of themselves when they visit one of your locations or purchase one of your products and then post them on their Facebook pages using a certain designated hashtag that you give to them. Not only does this create a personal testimonial for your business, but it will also increase your sales.

If you don’t have many followers on your Facebook/Instagram page, here is a better contest idea for you to use. You can post a high-quality picture of one of your best food products and ask your audience to tell you why they love it. Offer the product to the one who gives you the best answer. Don’t forget to also ask your audience to spread the word by means of sharing your post on their timeline, and tag their friends in the process.



Marketing Tips for F&B Businesses

Marketing Tips for F&B Businesses

The world of marketing has grown leaps and bounds today from where it was just a decade ago. Thanks to the birth of social media, marketing has become easier than ever — and with the existence of digital marketing as the great equalizer, every business now has a level playing field and equal opportunity to be discovered. All they need to do is be smart about how and where to market their products.

Among the businesses that thrive from digital marketing, the food and beverage (F&B) business are one of which that benefits the most. Since F&B is a visual business online, a big chunk of a successful F&B marketing plan relies on content and design. Let’s take a look at how you can make your marketing plan an effective one for your business:

1. Take great photos!

If you haven’t already noticed, half of a food product’s marketing legwork is done by its captivating, drool-worthy images. Almost nobody would care to read for more information if the images used are not attention-grabbing. Food pictures look more tantalizing with warmer, orange-toned lighting (research shows that orange-coloured things make you hungry!) and it also helps to take pictures that are high-resolution and crisp.

Having said that, in the long run, it pays to invest in a good quality camera and perhaps even take a food photography course to further sharpen your skill for the trade.

2. Post regular updates

If you have a website for your business, posting regular updates on your blog is a surefire way to get better hits on the search engine and garner more following. Your posts don’t have to be written as obvious sales pitches, but you can always create relevant content that is currently in trend and (stealthily) give your product a cameo appearance in them. For instance, if you sell poke bowls and it’s currently the season for beach vacations, you can create a blog post about sticking to a bikini body meal plan using your very own poke bowl menu!

Remember to always keep up to date with the current happenings. You can even create quirky posts that are inspired by the trending memes or news highlights.

3. Deliver far and wide

Distribution-wise, that is. Instead of just serving your customers at your own premises, which may have limited dine-in capacity, you should opt to also utilize food delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Food. As customers nowadays are placing more emphasis on convenience, hopping on the food delivery bandwagon is more likely going to help to spread the word around on your establishment.

Sometimes, the reason your food products remain undiscovered is not because of its quality, but more due to the location. Offering food delivery options allow your products to reach out to customers living further beyond the area of your premise — some of whom may not even get the chance to stumble upon your business if it has not been for food delivery services.

4. Promote reviews and user-generated content

Like with any product, reviews are an important part of marketing, especially for new products that have yet to gain public trust and recognition. To encourage your customers to write reviews on TripAdvisor, Google My Business, and on your Facebook page, you can give a special offer such as a discount on their next spending or even a simple freebie (bookmark, pen, recyclable bag, etc.) with your logo printed on it, which also works well as a mini ambassador for your business.

You can also approach social media influencers and get them to do a review of your business. Try getting a mix of macro and micro-influencers who are more likely to hit your target audience more evenly.

5. Print eye-catching X-banners and roll-ups

Just because digital marketing is trending today doesn’t mean that you should do away with traditional marketing Far from it! In fact, effective marketing still requires an amalgamation of digital and traditional approaches. Perhaps, you no longer have to print hundreds of fliers to distribute (you can send e-fliers instead!), but still, need to have an eye-catching and easily noticeable banner in front of your premise that draws attention to its whereabouts.

Invest in good-quality banners that you can use for a year or more and not need updating. A banner only serves to draw attention to your business and be your business calling card to potential customers. Other seasonal or frequently-changing information, such as menu changes and offers can be updated on your website or your social media accounts.


How You Should Not Be Spending On Google Ads

How You Should Not Be Spending On Google Ads

If you have started doing digital marketing to get more sales for your online store or service, congratulations, and good job investing in the future world of marketing! However, you might notice that these online marketing strategies sure drive lots of traffic to your website, but they are not exactly giving you lots of sales. Did it make you start pondering if digital marketing is not working? Or if you are doing it wrong? Do you need to spend more money to get more sales and money?

Don’t worry, this is why we are here- to guide you along the way of your journey to successful digital marketing. Although it is true that “you spend more money, you get more in return” in the digital world, that does not mean you are spending money blindly and profitless. The following are tips on how you should not be spending on Google Ads.

Not Using the Right Keywords

Take a look at the keywords you are currently using. Perhaps they are not the best at the moment but definitely can be improved. There are a few types of keyword match that could essentially help with your bidding.

Broad Match – This is the default that Google starts you off which is the most basic and broadest set on keyword terms for you to compete on. For example, if your business is Jacky’s Homemade Granola, and that is also your keyword, you will be bidding on terms like Homemade Granola, Granola, Jacky’s Granola and so forth.

Broad match does not give you the privilege to have your ads appear consistently or relevantly, but it gives you the opportunity to figure out which keywords are worth bidding for as they will convert the most for you.

Phrase Match – This is when the searches include a phrase or close variations of it. It narrows down your search term further and helps identify the most important keywords in the search terms for you to bid. For example, if Jacky’s keyword is “Jacky’s Homemade Granola”, she can bid on search terms like “Jacky’s Homemade Granola in Malaysia”, “Jacky’s Homemade Granola for sale”, or “Jacky’s Homemade Granola flavors” and so forth.

Not Linking Your Ads To Relevant Landing Pages

Assuming you are the consumer and you see an ad stating there is a 50% discount on items from an online store. This catches your attention immediately and without hesitation, you click on the link and hoping it will take you directly to that specific page. What a straightforward and fast experience to purchase something so easily, isn’t it? Now imagine if you click on the link and it lands you on the main homepage itself or even worse, on a non-related page of the website. You will have to click here and there to search for that great deal. Within a few clicks, you still don’t find that specific page you are looking for, you give up and click the X button instead.

Be sure you have dedicated and specific landing pages for promotions and campaigns which will enhance the user’s experience and subsequently bring you more conversion which equals more sales and profit.

“The Best Place to Hide Secrets is at Page Two of Google.”

Not Using Google Shopping Ads For Tangible Products

If your online store sells tangible and physical products, why are you not using Google Shopping Ads? Google Shopping Ads gives you the space to display your product images, prices and definitely being on the most top of the search results.

Shopping online is just like shopping in real life. People want to see it, feel it and try it. In the case of shopping online, you can’t feel the product or item. However, including images of your products give the consumers more latitude to finally decide if they want to click the checkout button. Most people when shopping online would like a 360 degree visual of the item they are looking at, and also, read on reviews before eventually purchasing the item. So, with the advantage of using Google Shopping Ads, you get to display your product images, prices and even your brand name, all this while being at the top of the search results page.

Not Using Ad Extensions

Did you know that you can expand your ad with more information and links, at no additional cost? That’s right! Ad extensions give you more leeway to write more content and information to beat out your competitors and your ads get more space in the search results!

What you can add using ad extensions:

Location – Show off that you not only sell online, but you also have a physical store that your customers can go to. You can even add directions to make it easier for your customers to look for your store.

Call – Are you even real if you cannot be reached via a phone call? Make yourself look legitimate with a phone number where your customers can call you to inquire for more information.

Snippets – Display other services you provide, or other products you sell, or anything else you want to showcase.

Sitelinks – You can add additional links to feature them especially if it’s a promotion and add calls to action for your customers to easily click on them.

These are a few things that you should consider in the future when you are spending on ads. You would be surprised to see the difference it makes when you apply some of these tips to your future ads. After all, you are not likely to spend more neither with these tips, rather, you are enhancing the opportunity of utilizing Google Ads. If you’d like to know more tips, contact us and we will share with you our secrets. Email us at hello@weave.asia or give us a call at +60 088-718 418/+65 9297 9846 on weekdays during office hours.

How to build and earn customer trust

How to build and earn customer trust

What are the things you do before you decide to purchase a product from a new brand? The usual and most common thing to do is to read on the reviews from the past customers about the brand, the quality of the product, customer satisfaction, and most importantly if it is a legitimate brand. However, what if it is so brand new that there is not even one sale yet? This means there are no reviews and nothing for you to leverage.

How do you earn and build the trust of your customers? It is the hardest to earn when there aren’t any customers, to begin with. Don’t worry, this does not mean that it is impossible to gain their trust. Fortunately, there are several ways to establish this trust between your customers and your brand.


Add Human Touch To Your Business

What do you do when you met someone for the first time? You introduce yourself! Introduce yourself to your customers the way you met someone for the first time. 

This is why the “About Us” page is so important in every business website. It is the window for you to tell your story of how your business begins and why it began. It doesn’t have to be too formal and serious, in fact, people love to read about personal stories. You can write about the story of how your grandmother inspired you to start your business, or perhaps the history of how it all began. 

Stories like these give a personal touch and the human side of your business. This makes your customers feel emotionally connected to you and might even make them grow attached to you because of your touching, beautiful story of how you started from the bottom. It reminds them that there is a human behind this business.


Write Till Your Heart’s “Content”

Without being too pushy, good content is an essential tool to relate to your customers who have no idea who you are. A way to create content to slowly introduce your products is by blogging. Constant blog contents can show that you are invested and passionate in your business and that you also care for your customer’s issues. Customers love it when their issues are addressed, especially in a non-commercial way.

Content marketing is a way to demonstrate your specialty and expertise in your product and industry. Consumers will be able to see that you know your stuff and that they can believe in your quality and services. 

What kind of content can you write? You can write content such as tips on utilizing your products, benefits of the ingredients of your product, and many more. 

Your content has to be consistent, relevant and high-quality to actually earn the trust of your consumers. Add a Blog page to your website and start writing away!


“Excuse Me, What’s Your Return Policy?”

When it comes to trying out new stuff, consumers would want to really try new things but are worried it might not work. This is when they will check out if there is a return policy in your products. One of the most commonly searched and asked question is “Is there a return policy?” or “What if I decided I don’t want it anymore?” 

This is when you sweep your customers off their feet with your awesome return policy. Good return policies are the best way to let consumers know that you value their experience and to show that you are confident with the quality of your products. 

It immediately gives a sense of security to your customers because they know that if there’s anything they’re not satisfied with, you have their backs, no questions asked. Return policies actually make consumers even more tempted and willing to click on the checkout button. They know for a fact that they don’t have to worry that they are wasting their money on something they might not like.

Make sure that your Return Policy page is clear with the terms and conditions and it is linked to your FAQ page at the footer of your website.

Customer service

Live Chat Made Available

Consumers are just like the insecure significant other of yours that constantly need reassuring that their money is not duped. They want to speak to you immediately when they have doubts so why not be the good “partner” and be there for them when they need you?

Have a live chat or inquiry form for consumers to ask questions and make sure you respond quickly enough to earn their trust. Speed is really important when it comes to customer service. Customers want their questions answered almost immediately and having that live chat pop-up just adds brownie points to your new brand.

Chatting in real time and addressing their concerns encourage them to make the final step to purchase your item because customers feel valued and that they are talking to a real person and not a robot. It is almost as if they are shopping in a retail shop because there is a person behind the live chat answering all their questions and issues.

There are many other ways to earn the trust of your consumers. It is all about taking the first step and initiative to connect with them that will change their perspective of your brand. 

For more digital marketing inquiries, reach out to us at Weave Asia. 

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